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Risk Reporting Form

Risk Reporting Form

The PAC hold a risk register which helps to drive the PACs attention when looking to drive down risk to gas settlement. Risks are reviewed on a monthly basis based on industry data extracted and analysed by the PAFA. You can find the latest version of the risk register; Risk Register page.

The PAC also want industry’s input into the risk register in identifying new risks or existing risks that may not have been considered. Below is a form in which you can outline the suggested risk. The form will guide you through how to categorise and what to include. If you have any questions before filling the form in, please contact PAFA.

Please be concise in the information provided here, getting to the core of the risk.
Please ensure you include all information here relevant to the perceived risk. This may include markets impacted (e.g. Product class, Meter Asset, Areas of Settlement etc), any relevant UNC Code, and any related industry modifications associated with the risk.
For more information, please reference the Definitions of Areas page.

Maximum file size: 314.57MB